"I've been a client for over three years and have always enjoyed my AQC experience. From cuts to colour, Andrew and his team offer great conversation and a classy environment while enjoying high-end professional services. I highly recommend AQC!"
- Laurie T.
Sambro, NS
"Andrew is very professional and knowledgeable as a cosmetologist. He excels in colour technique and is truly passionate about his work and the beauty industry.
The salon is beautiful, simply put. The atmosphere is so warm and inviting - very clean- and all of the staff are friendly and approachable.
Andrew works very hard to make his services easily available to clientele, so he works around YOUR schedule. I've never had a problem making an appointment (even last minute) and the product when you walk out the door is bar-none the best ombre/colour/cut/style or set of highlights in the city ;)"

- Erin H.

Halifax, NS
"Going to AQC is more than getting my hair done, it is an experience that makes me feel completely rejuvenated!! Andrew and the other staff are so friendly and positive it is contagious :) after a hard day at work it is always great to go there and leave feeling so refreshed (physically and emotionally). The team is very professional and takes the time to know the clients! Rather than going to a salon it feels like you are visiting a dear friend :)"

- Jenn L.
Middle Sackville, NS

"I'm a longtime client of Andrew Quinn Chapman. He's skilled, creative, knowlegable, caring and oh so talented. We laugh, we cry and we have made fabulous memories over the years - from his fabulous salon on Spring Garden rd. You're a true success Andrew and I always look forward to our next appointment. You're simply the best! Lindsay - you're oh so fun as well! See you this week! 5 star service! Highly recommended!
- Tracey R.
Bedford, NS

"One of the best haircuts i have had in the city! Great spot for men's cuts. Enjoyed the experience and not being a real "salon" guy felt welcome and comfortable. Great service. 
- James A. 
Sambro Head, NS
"Such a nice break from crowded, hetic places downtown - it feels like you're in your own private, classy salon. I don't like getting colour etc with a bunch of people watching - so here it's lovely and private. Decor is beaituful - natural barn boards and crystal chandliers. Had a wonderful cut and highlights - the stylist was fast, professional and really personable. And totally resonabbly priced. So relaxing. Love my hair!"

- Nance A
Bridgetown, NS